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Recently I shared HERE about the wall canvas grouping I was working on.  It was my first wall grouping for our home, and it was long overdue!  I design and order groupings like this for lots of my clients, and I know how much they all love them, but I had never ordered more than one or two wall prints at a time before now.   Let me just say that now that it is here and hanging on my wall, I love it even more than I thought possible!!!!  If you don’t have your family on your wall in a fun display, what are you waiting for?

My sweet and amazing Dad came over the day after they arrived (because he knew I couldn’t wait another minute!) and he meticulously hung all 9 canvases for me.  His engineering degree and training comes in handy ALL of the time!!!  Mom entertained the kids and I had the ever important job of “eyeballing” the progress and deciding the placement order.  Hey, those are important jobs, too!

The boys affectionately call it Mom’s Gallery.  So, may I present, “My Gallery.”

my view from the kitchen, while I’m cooking:

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It even looks great in the background of fun, everyday pictures like this (what’s cooler than superhero and character pjs, honestly?  Why don’t grown ups get the same choices in sleepwear?):

And while you are looking at adorable pictures of my kiddos, check out budding photographer #2.  He has an old point and shoot of ours and goes around capturing various things around the house.  His current favorite feature is the self timer, so he can capture random images with himself in them!

Taking shots of his brother…


and my favorite…himself!!!

It’s never too late (or too early) to start capturing the every day moments in your life!  But don’t be like Tyler, leaving all of your images on your camera forever!  Print them, hang them, walk by them and smile!!!

parting shot:

brotherly love

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