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February 23, 2010. one year ago.  a frail, thin, 3 and a half year old boy was brought to an orphanage’s door in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The workers took him in, cleaned him up and took what would forever be the first photos on record of him in his entire life. He was small for 3…weighing a mere 23 lbs, probably hungry, scared and confused.  Soon after, across the globe, a family who had been praying for a little boy to join their family received a call.  There was a boy…he was to be their own.  Those very first pictures of such a frail boy were sent.  They opened them.  They said “Yes!” and immediately love began to pour from their hearts.

August of last year, just six months later, they brought sweet “G” home from Ethiopia to Tennessee.  He met his big sisters and settled into life as we know it.  He was showered with love and attention.  He slept in a warm bed, he ate nourishing food and he began to grow.  He learned English at a rapid pace, and grew some more!  He met friends, bonded with his Mommy & Daddy, had his first Christmas, and he continued to grow.

February 23, 2011.  one year later.  This amazing little boy is thriving.  Once with no family, he is now surrounded by love abounding.  Once hungry and malnourished, he is now a 41 pound 4 and a half year old (gaining 18 lbs and 8 inches in a year!).  He loves hot wheels, the “Cars” movie, his Mommy and his Daddy and his sisters…his life will be extraordinary.  He is extraordinary.  They are extraordinary.  Sure makes you want to be more than ordinary too, when you spend time with them!

I introduce to you, “G”, in all of his handsome, adorable goodness.

Wanna see how much this boy loves his Mommy?  This is the face I got when I told him to say “I love my Mommy!”  Biggest, most genuine smile of the day!!

Thank you, Vanessa and “G”, for letting me share a small part in this remarkable story.  I’m honored to be a part of it!

parting shot:

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