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…but Texas wants you anyway!  (or so says Lyle Lovett)  If you don’t already recognize this sweet couple, may I introduce you to my minister and his wife, James & Deborah.  After 7 inspiring years at our church, this Oklahoma native has accepted a ministry position in Texas and will be leaving Nashville in just a few days as the next chapter of his work begins.

I am so honored that they will be taking a little bit of Nashville and karenhalbert photography with them to their new home!  We had a great time last night, laughing, sharing stories and having fun.  They are a dynamic, inviting couple who know how to make you feel comfortable and cared for in an instant.  We hopped in the car and ventured downtown to the Shelby Street Bridge, an experience that was new for all 3 of us!  And I’m so glad we did!

James and Deborah, you will surely be missed here by so many, including the Halberts.  I’m excited to have these images to remind me of the impact you made on my life while you were here and hope they will remind you of where you called ‘home’ these last 7 years.  Enjoy your sneak peek.  I will be talking to you soon, regardless of the miles between us!

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blog waugh j 060910

so beautiful!

so beautiful!

my favorite!

my favorite!

parting shot:

adios, nashville!

adios, nashville!

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