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my loving God.  my stand by me husband.  my loud, loving, spunky boys.  a cozy warm messy home.  stick with you through everything friends.  fun loving, sweet clients.  caring, dedicated, love my boys teachers.  my good health.  the closeness of family.  celebrating with ones we love so much.  lazy weekend mornings on the couch.  a toasty warm cup of coffee.  the memories of our sweet 4 legged buddies.  a solid job with amazing people for my hubby.  my new clickin’ buddies.  the beauty of fall.  my little one’s love of superheros.  my bigger one’s amazing strides as he grows into a super great young man (that one should be near the very top of the list!)  lightening fast internet and my iphone.  smores bars and chipotle and friends who love it as much as i do.  the fortune to take something that makes my heart happy and turn it into something that benefits me and my family.  blessings beyond measure.

these are some of the things that I am thankful for.  I hope you take a moment, in the bustle of cooking, gathering and shopping this holiday and make a list for yourself.  we are all so very blessed.  thank you for all of the gifts you give to me as clients and friends.

now go eat some turkey!

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