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Today’s family is near and dear to my heart.  We first met under the most tragic of circumstances, as they were saying hello and goodbye all at once to their beautiful baby girl, Shelby.   I went to the hospital, through my work with  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and captured the only portraits the family will ever have of their sweet baby girl.  A tender but difficult moment for all.

Now, just about 5 months later, we met to capture the family in a bittersweet moment in their lives.  Remembering Shelby, and the memory they carry with them of her, capturing this moment in time of their family of 4 here today, plus one remembered.  A simple white bunny representing their little girl allowed Shelby to ‘be’ with them today.

But joy is on the horizon, with the blessing of news of a new life abounding.  The newest member of the family is due around late Spring of next year.  Congratulations, Dawn & Erik!  I pray life, health and happiness for all of you, especially the newest H member, who will also be showered with love from a family with giant hearts.

Sweet sisters.  So happy to see them happy and smiling today.

Remembering Shelby Morgan.  5/27/12.

Thank you so much for coming out to see me today, H family.  I’m thrilled that we could honor your daughter in your portraits today and look forward to seeing you in 2013 for all of the happiness coming your way!  And, roll tide!

parting shot:

If you would like to know more about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), an amazing volunteer organization providing portraits to families who will not be bringing their child home, go to the NILMDTS website.

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