swap meet [part 1] | Nashville Franklin Outdoor Family Custom Portraits

I’ve said this before, but it is so true!!  What’s the saying?  “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  Well, at my house it should say “The family portrait photographer has no pictures of her family.”  (stay tuned for part 2 where, hopefully, fingers crossed, the weather holds and the family cooperates and I have some great images to share with you soon!)  And, it is a similar situation at my photographer friend, Beth’s house as well.  So we decided to push each other to actually do it!  Get our families out and step in front of the camera!  And since Beth recently hung up her camera and is teaching full time, I’m especially grateful that she would dust off her camera for me and my family.

Tonight I was the photographer and Beth and her family were my most cooperative subjects.  Really, they were.  I guess the husbands know how much this means to us, and Beth’s husband Peter was no exception.  We worked quickly and had a good time along the way.  The boys were super cute and fun and just spunky enough to keep things fun without being difficult in the least.  My favorite kind of kids!

Beth, here are a few of my favorites.  I hope that you love them and can enjoy them as a fleeting, frozen moment in time.  Thank you for doing this with me!!  Don’t let me procrastinate…I want to be sitting where you are tonight very soon as well!

See you later in the week with my crazy boys and husband, too!

parting shot:

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