Stop time for the Mom in your life (maybe that’s YOU!) [Mother’s Day Gift Special Offer] | Nashville Franklin Mother’s Day Photography Gift

I love everything about being a Mom.  And I love all the Moms in my life…mine, my hubby’s and all my friends who are Moms too.  We are a cool group of women.  We work hard, take care of everyone, sleep less, fix things, predict the future, and we love nearly every minute of it.  And at some point you look at your kids and realize that this is all going WAY TOO FAST.

Don’t you wish you could freeze time, if just for a little bit?  Stop and cherish it, the way you do as your vacation is ending or a holiday comes to a close?  Why not come spend a few minutes with me and let me freeze time for you.  Right now, just as you are, with your kids.  Yeah, you meant to lose 10 pounds, and you need a hair cut, and…  who cares.  Your kids think you are beautiful.  At 6 a.m., at 10 p.m., they don’t care.  And they’d love (and I bet you would too) some pictures of them with their Mom.  If you are like me you are always grabbing your phone camera, snapping away at them, or grabbing your camera for the party pictures and, if you are lucky, there’s one or two of you in them.  How about we do something on purpose?  Just 20 minutes, you with your kids…tickling, reading, hanging out…whatever shows how you guys love each other best.  It can be outdoors or at the studio, if the idea of Summer heat melts you in your seat.  Doesn’t matter to me.  Just do them!!!

You don’t have to be giving this for Mother’s Day to purchase it, it can be a ‘just because’ gift for yourself or you can call your husband and let him know that he doesn’t have to stress because you found the perfect gift!!  Purchase $200 in khp gift cards and get a FREE mini “Mom & Me” session, good through July 31, 2012.

Purchase by Wednesday, May 9, and you can have images just like these!!

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