Spring Mini Session | Franklin Brentwood Outdoor Child Custom Photography

I might be tiny bit partial to boys.  I’ve always liked them and my house is 100% boy if you don’t include me.  I think little girls are adorable and dress to die for and have fun toys but my heart belongs to the boys.  So when these two cute ‘young men’ came to me for a mini session, I knew we were going to have some fun.  I hope Dad is proud of the great job they did for me!  Handsome, funny and well mannered…a killer combination!

I am so happy with the opportunities at my exclusive Brentwood session location, where this session was held.  If you’d like a mini session, please contact me right away.  Rain caused the need to reschedule this week’s mini sessions, so there’s still time to get in on them before the end of the month!  Details on the mini sessions can be found HERE.

parting shot  (a little Tebowing – the boys thought this was hilarious!):

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