so much fun! [first outdoor session of 2012] | Nashville Urban Family Photography

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a decent weather day in January.  Shooting outdoors in Tennessee in the Winter definitely requires some flexibility.  So it didn’t surprise me when we rescheduled this session twice due to less than favorable outdoor conditions.  I’m so glad we waited, though, because we hit the jackpot with a gorgeous, near 60 degree day on Tuesday!  What a way to kick off the year!  And this family?  One of the most fun ever!  We laughed so much I had to concentrate on keeping my camera steady!  This is going to be a big share because these kids are gorgeous and sweet and well, I just couldn’t narrow it down any further.  Keep an eye out for the gentleman in the pictures…he’s Rob Mortensen and he’s running for a State Senate seat here in Tennessee.  We’ll be unvailing his individual images as his campaign gets underway.  For now, enjoy the family images and keep his name in the back of your mind because he’s good people, with an amazing family behind him!

Thanks for the memories, Mortensen family!  It was the best outdoor session of the year!  ha ha ha.

parting shot (those crazy kids):

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