Sneak for the Rogers family | Fall Family Outdoor Brentwood Child Custom Portrait Session Photography

This is the 4th time I’ve welcomed the Rogers family to a khp session in the last 5 years.  They are one of my oldest and most loyal client families and I appreciate them so much!!!  Their kids have really grown since 2009 (and my work has improved a bit as well!) and I’m so grateful for families like the Rogers that have supported me from the beginning.

webRogers Family 100513-110





webRogers Family 100513-036

webRogers Family 100513-014

webRogers Family 100513-190

webRogers Family 100513-069

webRogers Family 100513-177

Thanks for trusting me with your family memories for another year, Rogers family.  It was great to spend time with you and catch up!

parting shot (from 2009 – we’ve all grown a lot since then!):

web20x20 display bwvan


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