SNAPteen workshop July 23 and 24 12:30-4 | Nashville Teen Camera Class

Does your teen LOVE to take photos? Selfies, photos of friends, photo shoots with their besties? Now your teen can learn the fundamentals of photography, how to use a DSLR, take photos in manual mode, have a photo walk, and a khp photo session.  It is two fun afternoons of learning and picture taking.

The class can be attended for one day (Tuesday only) or both days (Tuesday and Wednesday.)

On Tuesday we will cover the basics of photography, including light, composition, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and photo walk.

Wednesday includes an in depth review/expand of day 1, advanced photography techniques, basic editing, photo walk, and photo session.


Details can be found via a PDF on dropbox:

And online registration is now open:

Class is limited to 8 students, so don’t delay!  It’s always more fun to be with a friend, so encourage your teen to invite their bestie to sign up with them.

Need more info? Feel free to message me for more details. I LOVE inspiring the next generation of photographers and sending them on their way to a successful lifetime of beautiful photography!

parting shot:

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