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Babies grow and change so very quickly. June doesn’t seem like it was that long ago until you see this little fellow and his big sister. Ryan, also known as Mac and Buddy, came to the studio from his new home in Memphis this week, along with his awesome big sister. The change from six months ago in both of them is quite astounding  (full blog post of Mom’s maternity and baby’s newborn session here.)  This time big sister was happy to ‘perform’ for the camera and took direction amazingly well. Two and a half is a very different age than barely 2. And that sweet tiny baby boy is now a big happy boy, sitting, laughing and loving all things boy!
Here’s a quick look back at our time together six months ago…

It wasn’t easy getting big sis to be in a picture with her new baby brother…

This time she was all over it!!!

6 days old and now, 6 months old…


I have been settling in to the new studio and feel like, after 3 months, I have found my groove.  I’ve added studio lights which provide the lighting necessary for consistency inside the studio on less than sunny days.  I am thrilled with how this session turned out!

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Daddy is a high school football coach, so these were definitely taken with him in mind.

Thanks for coming back to Nashville to see me, M family!!!  I had a blast and hope you did, too. Maybe we can do it again this June?

Parting shot:

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