Rodan & Fields Lexus Earner | Nashville Commercial Headshot Photography

In December of 2014, my friend Gina came to me and asked me to create her new headshot with her “rolling trophy” from Rodan & Fields.  Gina had qualified for the awesome perk of a brand new Lexus with her promotion to Level V within the company.  She wanted her image to represent Nashville and chose to have our fine city’s skyline in the background.  She was about to have a big party to celebrate this important milestone in her rapidly growing business and I was excited to create the image that is now part of her personal brand and shows her success!  Here is her headshot and Lexus image.

web 121114 Payne R&F HS khpweb khp Payne R&F lexus nashville

Gina assured me that her team was growing at a quick pace and to expect more calls from more excited Lexus earners.

Fast forward to January of this year when I received an email from Trish saying her Lexus was being delivered and it was time to talk location!  Trish didn’t have anything in mind, necessarily, for her session, so we threw out a few ideas and the idea of a graffiti wall stuck.  Now I just had to find a graffiti wall in Nashville that would accommodate a girl AND her car!  The hunt was on!  I scoured Instagram, I asked in local photography groups, and I drove around downtown Nashville one afternoon with my out of town cousins (from NY) in tow.  We finally found the perfect location!  We were all set!  The session was planned and on a Saturday morning, Trish and I headed out to what we hoped was a quick and successful photo shoot.

Other than being watched by some workers who we decided were on a break, and making conversation with an entertaining homeless man the entire time we were on location, I think things went rather smoothly!  The sun was in a good position, the parking lot was empty and we had great weather!  We did hustle a little quicker than normal when the homeless man wouldn’t leave, but all in all it was a great session and we had a lot of laughs at the odd circumstances.  We then headed to the studio to finish up our morning with some updated head shots.  See what you think!  I think they turned out great and the graffiti wall was an excellent choice!

rodan & fields lexus earner hillweb Hill R&F Headshot 020616-080webHill R&F Headshot 020616-110

Congratulations, Trish!  What a great perk of the job (and proof of your dedication and hard work!)  I’m thrilled you asked me to be a part of your journey and am excited for the next Lexus earners from your team and Gina’s team that are headed my way.  I already have one in the planning stages for this Summer!

You can find more information about Rodan & Fields, contact Gina or Trish.  To contact Gina, you can find her website here.  To contact Trish, you can find her website here.  Congratulations again, ladies!

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