one lucky guy [and his beautiful girls] | Nashville Family Outdoor Photography

This sweet family comes to see me annually all the way from Savannah, Tennessee.  That’s over 2 hours each way.  I’m so flattered I just can’t even tell you.  Last week folks from Kentucky, this week West Tennessee.  Makes a girl feel a wee bit like a celebrity.  This year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the man of the family.  I like to tease him because he isn’t much of a smiler for the camera.  I caught a few, but I won’t ruin his reputation and post them here.  Smiling or not, he’s one lucky guy to have 4 beautiful ladies at home.  F family, enjoy your sneak peek.  It was so much fun spending the afternoon with you.  Please, let’s do it again next year!

Can you believe this gorgeous couple claims to have never had their picture taken professionally together?  I had to change that right away!

parting shot:

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