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Nothing is sweeter than a fresh, new baby.  Nothing.  Of course, if that baby is itty bitty (like 5 pounds) AND related to you, well then it is heaven in a blanket!!!  And that description suits sweet miss Maggie Claire.  Born on the Tuesday before Christmas, late in the evening, miss Maggie and her parents, Ross & Laura, spent their first Christmas as their very first day at home as a family.  Not a bad was to spend Christmas, if you ask me!!!  I had the absolute pleasure of spending a little time with Maggie yesterday before we headed home from our Halbert family Christmas.  She was lovely, tiny and I would have been happy to pack her in my suitcase if I’d been given the chance.  Sure wish I lived closer…sounds like Mom would have been happy to have me hang out with her darling little one so she could get a little rest!

We kept these simple.  A few images that show how beautiful this new family member is.  I know that the next time I see her she’ll have grown a mile!!

Maggie wasn’t very interested in being a supermodel.  She was more interested in getting back to Mommy.  But all was good when she got in Daddy’s arms.  She settled right in and tolerated a few more images.

I think she’s already perfected the art of having Daddy wrapped around her finger just by wrapping around his.

Thanks, Laura & Ross, for allowing Tyler and I a little time with Maggie yesterday.  She is gorgeous and I have a hard time believing that she’ll probably be toddling around at Thanksgiving next year!!

parting shot, in the most adorable tutu from her Aunt Amy:

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