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are you on Pinterest?  If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, you just might not know what you are missing!  Pinterest is an awesome way to keep images, recipes, tutorials and ideas in one neat place on the internet.  No more clipping articles from magazines, now you can just ‘pin it!’  I sometimes scour Pinterest for studio backdrop ideas or specific poses prior to a session.  I also look for recipes, clothing choices, crafts for the holidays, and lots of other great stuff there too…  Recently I learned that I could add a “pin it” button to my images as well.  Now I can give back to the Pinterest community with images that might be of interest to other photographers and Pinteresters as well.

I never get tired of seeing new and different newborn poses.  I’m going to share a couple from two recent sessions that have been fan favorites here at khp and try out my new pinning button!

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Happy Pinning!

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