Itty Bitty Bristol {newborn} | Nashville Custom Newborn Photography

I received a call recently at 7:30a from a sweet (young) Grandma requesting an “emergency” newborn session.  As luck would have it, I was able to fit this special delivery into my day…and I am so glad that I could!  6 lb teeny Bristol, just 7 days old, was perfect in every way.  She slept nearly the entire session, had the prettiest little head, great hair and basically let me do whatever I wanted the entire session!

But as sweet and tiny and fresh and new as she was, my favorite part of the whole session was listening to her Mommy and Grandma (both brand new at their respective positions) oohing and aahing at their little gift from God.  I think it just hadn’t quite sunk in yet and it was such a joy to be a part of…listening to them swell up as they’d look over at their sweet baby to the point that they’d just have to gush over her again!  It was truly precious.  Lindsay, thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet your darling and sweet baby girl!

Daddy got a big surprise that evening when I uploaded a few images to Facebook…he was out of town and didn’t even know his baby (and gorgeous wife) had become models for the afternoon!  I heard that he was over the moon when he saw his ‘girls’.

And word is that Grandpa is a bit of a celebrity around town…so feel free to show off that gorgeous new grandbaby with all of your friends, Grandpa!  I’d love the publicity, you know.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with Bristol.  I love the ’emergency newborn session’ story and I don’t think it could’ve come out any better!

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