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As we celebrate the many blessings we have this week on the Day of Thanks, I am humbled by all of those things which I am so fortunate to call my blessings:

– my family.  a hard working husband and two lively, kind hearted boys.  they have my heart.

– my extended family.  whether we spend each day together or a few moments a year, they know me through and through and love me for it.  we are connected.

– my friends.  i am a friendly girl.  never meet a stranger.  talk to folks in the grocery line, yup, that’s me.  I am truly blessed with a huge network of dear friends that stand beside me in this life journey.

– my forgiving God.  who blesses me abundantly, loves me emphatically and forgives me endlessly.  i am grateful.

– my ‘things.’  in this day and age, we have so very much.  warm clothes, a working car, apple products a plenty, social networks to help us stay connected, and all of the modern conveniences of life.  it is an amazing age.

and, of course, YOU.  You who call me “your photographer.”  You who message me to say you are a ‘fan.’  (that one still is humorous to me.  I’m trying to learn to be accepting of compliments like these.)  You who thank me for freezing time forever for you, for capturing the essence of your children and show, through images, what your family feels like.  Some of you are brand new, and I am thankful you employ me.  Others of you are so loyal, many there from the very beginning.  To you I credit the success of my business.  Without you, and Facebook, I would still be just a mom with a camera.  You have helped me earn the title of “Professional Photographer.”  How do I thank you appropriately for that?

Thank you all for filling up my calendar to overflowing this year.  For your patience and understanding if I ever have to pause for a moment to be Mom, my first responsibility.  Stopping to be thankful for all that you have swells the heart.  It is a shame we often wait until November to appropriately give recognition to the blessings of our lives.

I hope that this week you are spending time with family, slowing just a bit from the fast pace of life.  I’ll be closed Wednesday afternoon, November 21 through Monday, November 26, spending time with those I love and being ever thankful.

If you are on my Santa final session interest list, please note that I will begin booking the sessions next Tuesday.  You’ll be notified in order until they are filled.


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