Test Post with my favorite personal image of 2009

Wondering what my favorite personal image of 2009 might be?  Our 1 yr old’s smash cake session, perhaps?  Beach pictures from Florida?  Nope.  Those are all close to my heart but one image stands out for me for 2009.  And that image is one of my sweet firstborn, who often eludes the camera, who happily plopped down in the studio one day to let me ‘practice’ for just a minute.  He posed, I snapped and THIS was my reward…I will have a hard time outdoing myself with this one but, you know me, I will try!!!!  Til then, I will admire this gorgeous image of my most beautiful ‘baby’ boy…I believe a big canvas of this is headed to my wall in the near future!

My sweet 7 year old

My sweet 7 year old

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