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Mother’s Day.  A time to say a big THANK YOU to the one who brought you in to the world and raised you.  To thank her for the sacrifices, the love, the parenting…for making you who you are are!  Being a mom myself now, I realize just how important a Mom is, how much she sacrifices, cares 24-7, never ever stops loving/worrying/thinking about you.

But my heart is also heavy for those who’s story is different.  Who celebrate Mother’s Day with anxious hearts.  My life is filled with those who have a different kind of Mother’s Day.  I have friends longing to be a Mom, currently with empty arms.  I have friends who’s own Mom hasn’t been a mother to them, who have had to lean on other family members to find someone to Mother them.  I have several friends who have lost children to illness and disease, who are reminded on this day especially that a part of their heart is missing.  I have a few friends who had an amazing Mom who has already left this life, much too early as well.  Through my work with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I’ve met too many moms who will spend this Mother’s Day alone, with no child to call them Mommy, because their child became an Angel soon after they arrived on this Earth.  And I also have many amazing friends that have stepped in for another mom who couldn’t, adopting sweet children who deserve to be loved by a Mom and now have one to call their own.

If you are blessed to spend time this weekend with your Mom, hug her tight.  Thank her for all she does for you.  And if this day is a tough one for you, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.  Want to read about my awesome Mom & Mother In Law?  Hop over to this post:

Here are a few of my favorite Mom images from khp clients.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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Mom & Daughter

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