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Happy Labor Day!  This is one holiday that gets a big welcome after the first few arduous weeks of school.  We were all thrilled to relax this weekend, get some end of Summer pool time in with Daddy, and move at a slower pace than our new “school/work/baseball” schedule allows.  Whew.  What an adjustment from Summer!!

I also finally had a moment to get my boys (and my girl) into the studio for Back to School pictures.  These are also the first official pictures of my son since he turned 11 (in April!  Yikes!  He’s been in front of the camera for too long, it seems…)  Jack finally agreed it had been long enough, Tyler is always at the ready to try something fun and they were excited to get some official pictures of our new puppy, Sweetie.  (Named for the dog in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.)

First, back to school, Halbert style:

webB2S Jack 083113-022 name

webB2S Tyler 083113-013name

Then we added a little bit of the boys’ personality to their images.  It’s fun to focus on what is important to them now and watch how it changes over the years.  Jack is a big reader and Tyler loves all things superhero.

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-049

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-044

Jack is definitely a preteen with his teen years just around the corner.  I can see a maturity and a physical shift coming.  Thank goodness he still has his adorable freckles and sparkly blue eyes (and original, funny, one of a kind personality.)

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-026

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-077

Tyler and I have been working on this little project for a bit.  We were both excited to finally get the opportunity to bring it to life.  He enjoyed creating his own poses, my little ham!

web Tyler Clark webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-032 webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-041

I’d like to officially present our newest family member, 5 month old Sweetie.  We adopted her early this Summer and she’s been a great addition to our family.  She’s fearless, rambunctious and oh so sweet.  Here’s a picture from the day we brought her home, a wee 4 lbs and 11 weeks old:

webPuppy n David 062213-004


And here she is from this weekend, nearing 7 pounds and still just as sweet as she was when we got her.

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-059

The boys love her so much.

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-067

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-074e

My dad and mom hung out with us at the studio and Dad was so kind as to snap the shutter for me with my boys.  I can never get enough pictures with my kids!  They are growing up so fast and it seems the pictures where I am actually in front of the camera with them are few and far between.  So very glad I have this.  Make sure that not too much time passes before you get in front of the camera with your kids again!  Do it often, professionally and at home.  You won’t regret it.  And, of course, I can help you with those professional pictures when you are ready!

parting shot:

webB2S Jack Tyler 083113-085

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