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Happy Anniversary to me!  3 years ago I hung out my shingle and my friends, family and lots of folks that I didn’t even know trusted me to capture them on film (or jpg, as it might technically be!)  THANK YOU!!!  ALL OF YOU!  Some of you have come back year after year…even bringing me your first baby and then your second baby!  We have become like family ourselves!  I’ve watched your kids grow and, well, you’ve seen me grow, too!  You’ve shared me with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors and now they are clients, too!  I just can’t thank you enough.  Year 4 starts now.  Who would’ve thunk it???

Let’s celebrate.  I’d love to take each and every one of you out to Sopapillas or one of my other local favs, but a contest and giveaway will have to do.  I can be a little wild and crazy at times, so I decided why not put a little fun into this one!?!  Check out the details below:

Yes!  A photo contest!  Send me a picture of your family or your kids, taken by you, which basically shows how you could benefit by having a free session and new images of your family/kids from me!  Email it over to me (or post it on my khp FB wall – but I didn’t tell you to do that, because that would be against regulations over at FB!) and make sure you tell me that it’s ok to post it here on my blog.  On Monday I’ll choose the most deserving person (you know, the one with the oldest “most recent” family picture, or the one with the first day of school picture with the bad lighting, whatever the case may be!) to win a free mini fall session and $100 print credit.  I’ll also enter EACH person who enters (by sending a photo to into a drawing for some other cool products!

I hope you’ll participate!  It really will be fun.  And I’ll even go first!!!  I’ll post a couple of images that show that even though I have a good handle on how to use a professional camera NOW, I too had some doozies back in the day!!!  Ready for these?

Baby Jack at Christmas.  Love the tablecloth over the couch?  And my enthusiastic well posed baby?  Oh yeah!

7 week old baby Tyler…wow.  Baby in a basket.  I like to think I’ve gotten a little bit better at newborn posing since then!

So go ahead!  Join in the fun!  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  Send your picture to me at!!!  Contest ends Monday, Aug. 20 at noon!!!

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