gifts are coming…gifts are coming…

One thing never changes, no matter your age.  Presents are fun!  ‘Tis the season of gift giving.  And I love giving great gifts.  The kind that make people smile and feel all happy inside. You, my clients (and my potential clients) are gifts to me.  You’ve been able to help support our family during a transition with my husband’s work.  You’ve allowed my passion to grow in ways I never dreamed.  I want to do something nice for you.  You’ve helped my business go from an idea to a successful reality in a mere 18 months!!  You’ve told your friends, and they’ve told their friends, and you’ve even come back a time or two (or three) and we’ve done it all again!  I am so very grateful.

To show my gratitude, I introduce the khp “12 days of Christmas.”  I’m not looking for you to book more sessions, I’m not going to give something away with a purchase, I’m just going to give a few fun things away over the next 12 days, and then Santa can take it from there.  The requirements are small…I’m going to ask that in order for you to be eligible for the day’s gift, you post a comment on this blog on the day’s entry.  And, tell your friends.  If you are a Facebook user, please post a link to this website and tell your friends to come participate in my giveaway too! If you haven’t taken time to ‘like’ my Facebook fan page, this would be an excellent time to do so!  At the end of each day, I’ll select one winner at random to win the day’s gift.  You can enter 1 time each day and if you win more than 1 gift over the 12 days, well then I’d say you are awful lucky!

Check back tomorrow…and feel free to leave a comment here today to let me know you’ll be watching out for the 12 days of Christmas!  I’d love to know that you are as excited as I am!

So bookmark this site, mark it on your calendar, write it on the back of your hand…just be sure to check back each day, post a link on your wall to my site and leave a comment here!  Let the good tidings begin!

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