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In January of 2011, I met little tiny Owen and his parents through his Mom’s blog.  She wrote about their journey through adoption and the premature birth of their tiny little baby. Owen had been born VERY early and had spent many months at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.  I was so moved by her writing and their situation that I contacted her and offered to come to the hospital to document this time in their life. On that quiet morning, I took a few images of Bennett to remember his time in the NICU as they prepared to take their little guy home to the rest of his family. I met his sweet Mom, Adrienne, as she held her tiny boy and Dad, Jim, and I noticed just how large his hands seemed as he held his little one.  I edited the images, posted them and sent them the files. That isn’t where the story ends, however.

Owen went home and grew and got stronger.  We became Facebook friends and at Owen’s first birthday, we met up to capture the entire family together!  Owen was still a fragile little guy, with oxygen in tow. The session was fun and the kids were all cute and excited.  I remember this image in particular, as I’ve sat many one year olds in this high chair since.  None have even come close to being as small as Owen was that day.

There have been conversations and Santa sessions in between. I watch the kids grow through comments and pictures on social media, and Adrienne and I exchange Mom advice from time to time.  Time moves quickly, though, and you sort of forget how fast kids are growing when you don’t see them up close.  That’s exactly what happened in the few years since I’ve seen this lovely family.  As they poured out of their car at our fall mini session, I was amazed at how much they had all grown. But most of all, I couldn’t believe just how big Owen had gotten.  He might be small for his age, and he might be a bit unsteady on his feet due to his CP, but he looks fantastic! He’s funny and sweet. I am so glad to call them friends and honored that I am again a part of their story, capturing them in this moment, right where they are, beautiful and happy in the middle of raising 4 amazing kids.

You never know when you meet people in life if they will be in your life for a minute, a week or a lifetime.  So many of my clients have become more than just folks I see every few years. I am so proud to call so many of you friends. We laugh and cry together, I capture your celebrations and your losses, too. I am honored to be the one you call to capture your life and freeze time forever.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Owen and his family, but I suspect it will include great things!

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