first sunset [mine] | Nashville Child Portrait Photography

I love living in Tennessee.  And because I work most often in the early evenings chasing after the “Golden Hour” (the last hour or so before sunset), I am very aware of the sun, when it sets, and how the surrounding terrain impacts that sunset.  Recently I drove just a smidge off of my usual route and stumbled upon an amazing vantage point less than a mile from my house that has one of the highest elevations in Brentwood!  From this location you could see all of N. Brentwood and into Cool Springs!!!  I knew then and there that I would be bringing my boys out to see the sunset very soon.  I was already imagining the images I would capture of them watching the sunset, all golden with eyes of wonder.

Last night’s session ended early and I was headed home just a few minutes before the sun dipped behind the western hills.  I ran inside excitedly offering my impromptu plans to go see the sunset from my new, cool locale!  I was met with a bit less enthusiasm than I had imagined.  Both boys were already in their pajamas and Jack and Daddy were deeply engrossed in a final level of a Mario Wii game.  It seemed Tyler was the only one interested in my adventure this night.  So we quickly donned shoes on the little one and set off to see the magic!  This is the part of the story when I have to admit that I’d wished I’d grabbed another shirt for him as we drove…because he was wearing Christmas pajamas (in June.  Yup.  But they are all the same when you are asleep, right?)  I shoved my thoughts of vanity and perfection aside and enjoyed the moment.

Life is most beautiful, to me, when viewed through the wonder of a child.  This was Tyler’s first sunset.  How truly awesome to see him take in the concept of the sun going to sleep behind the Earth…with the golden glow of the sun on his hair.  In just ten minutes it was all over.  Darkness was now falling upon us and our talk turned to bedtime and plans of the day to follow.  But I’ll have these images to remember that special moment.  I have a feeling we’ll drag Jack along next time and, perhaps, this will become a regular event.  A time to be still, watch the Earth put on it’s pajamas and get ready for bed…and be thankful for all we have.

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