first day of school, part 1 | Nashville Custom Child & Family Photography

Big day around here today.  Oldest went to 3rd grade.  Youngest ditched the converted crib for a ‘real’ big boy bed.  Time has wings on it over here at the Halbert household.  And it waits for no man, it seems…(or woman)

I loved the mix of emotion on Jack’s face at the thought of the excitement and anxiousness that his new class, teacher, room, experience, everything would contain.  You can see it in his smile.  Half happy, half, well, notsomuch.  I’ve not seen this expression before, but it certainly suits the day.

with his sweet teacher

(behind the scenes.  little brother giving big brother some extra confidence, hug-style)


no doubt he’ll be feeling a lot ‘cooler’ in no time as he learns the ropes in his new class.  He is thrilled to have lots of friends and familiar faces in his room this year as well!

My 3rd grader and Preschooler.  Not thrilled that I was taking their picture TWO DAYS IN A ROW (so they reminded me.  “Again?  We took a MILLION pictures yesterday!  Don’t you have enough already?” ) No, sweet boys…I’ll never ever have enough!  Every day I see something new.  Every day you grow just a little bit more.  And when I capture you in a picture, time stands still, if only for a moment.

The little guy doesn’t start until the end of the month, much to his delight.  So we’ll be hanging together in August as the dynamic duo.  Anyone want to join us for lunch?

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