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I am entering my 8th Fall season as a photographer. I sometimes have a hard time believing that! Who knew this little side gig would turn into a full time career for me!? It’s kinda crazy, when I stop and think about it.

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I’ve learned a lot along the way, like not to use a tree as a centerpiece! And I’ve also learned about schedules and Fall portrait season, the busiest 3 months in my entire year, too.  Back in those early days, I booked my Fall clients in July, and I missed EVERYTHING with my family those first few years: hayrides, soccer games, bonfires, fall festivals, Fall Break; all the fun stuff that is some of the best part of the season! At some point I realized that I needed to schedule my family first, and then fill my remaining calendar with sessions for you, my sweet clients. And, it turns out, when YOU schedule early, you don’t know about your upcoming events as well! So then you and I try to find a new date, in a full calendar, to move your previous appointment, which now falls on basketball game night or a Scout outing or Dad’s business trip, and we are scrambling at the lsat minute.

I had intended to open my fall calendar today.  However, I do not yet have my son’s baseball or scouts schedule. And I think his heart (and mine) will be devastated if I miss the majority of his games or special events because I scheduled my clients before I received his information. And I’m betting that you might be in the same boat.  My baseball friends do not have their schedules yet and several of the local private schools haven’t started back yet, so I know their extracurricular activities are not announced yet. Thinking it over last night, I thought it might be best to postpone. But lets be honest, I didn’t know if any of you were chomping at the bit to get on my calendar today, so I thought it might be a ‘non-issue.’  School just started and it’s nearly 100 degrees outside!  Fall pictures might not be on the brain yet!

To my surprise, many of you were at the ready this a.m., and contacted me (some before 8:00a!) to get ‘on the books.’  I hope you’ll understand why I’m waiting just a few more weeks, and that the extra time will give you time to double check your family’s availability as well! I want our time together to be perfect and your images to be something to cherish for years to come.  I don’t want to squeeze you in between birthday parties and a soccer game because that’s all we could come up with.  So take a look at your calendar.  Talk it over with your spouse and decide what you want this year.  Is this the year to update all the kids pictures and the family picture as well or is this a quick fall session to compliment last year or last Spring’s full session?

Early Fall (think September and into the first few weeks of October) lend themselves to greener background, warmer temperatures and allow for a variety of clothing options.

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Dates after mid October through the first 2 weeks of November lend themselves to historically more fall color and cooler temperatures.

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Whatever time or setting you choose, I know we will put together a fantastic session that will show off your beautiful family and freeze time!

Stay tuned: I will also be putting together my mini session info together during the next few weeks and am excited to announce that as well. I’m going to get a little crazy and purchase some props for this one. I think you’ll love it!

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