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It’s the busiest time in a family photographer’s year: FALL! Families come out of hiding to be captured on “film” for Christmas card sending, Grandma gift giving, wall updating, and to stop time for just a moment as their children march on with determination toward adulthood.  You are beginning to think about having photos made. The biggest questions you have as you consider your fall session are 1. What do we wear? and 2. Where should we go? For what to wear, I have lots of outfit inspiration over on my Pinterest Board.  Click HERE to see some options for coordinating without matching.   As to the latter, I’ll attempt to keep this short and sweet but the options are endless and Nashville has some fantastic variety within it’s borders.  When you book a signature (full) session with me, you can choose any local location!

Let’s divide locations into a few categories:

  1. Urban Locations
    Downtown Nashville, on the Pedestrian Bridge, 12 South, the Gulch, and downtown Franklin all provide a unique backdrop for your photos. It can be a great change from a field or Tennessee green landscape or even from Fall leaves.
    fall urban nashville photography
  2. Traditionally Tennessee
    Certainly a client favorite, whether in Spring, Summer, or Fall, green grass, tall trees, blooming flowers, tall field grasses, a bridge or a barn all say Tennessee and provide the setting of the majority of family photography in our area. We live in a gorgeous state, so why let nature be the backdrop for your family?! Local parks and neighborhood greenspace are perfect for your session and are in abundance in Nashville and surrounding cities.
    fall outdoor family nashville sessions photography
  3. Off the Map
    There are a few hidden gems here in Middle Tennessee and my adventurous clients have found them! Percy Priest lake provides a gorgeous water setting when driving to the beach is out of reach and has become one of my very favorite locations in all of Nashville. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me? Narrows of the Harpeth, the Concord Y creek, the Nolensville creek, and Carnton Plantation (additional fee for this one) are a few others.  Maybe you have a location that we need to explore?
    fall outdoor lake family nashville
  4. Nostalgic
    Dorothy said “There’s no place like home” and she was right. Your kids’ memories will be made here, they will play in your backyard, wait for Dad on the porch, snuggle in your bed. Why not capture your favorite people in their favorite space? Or possibly at a park that you’ve been to 1000 times together already in their short lives. There are several college campuses here in town. If your alma mater is here, that could be a this year’s location. If it has meaning to you, it will probably be perfect for your session.
    fall location family photography nashville
  5. Studio
    The studio offers a modern, bright backdrop for your images. The weather is always a predictably comfortable, windless environment and is perfect for containing toddlers, keeping babies warm, and switching it up from previous years outdoors. The studio is best in the morning and early afternoon.
    fall studio holiday family photography nashville

When you book a Signature session, the location possibilities are endless. And while lighting is my very first priority, I want the location to be somewhere that makes you happy, or meets the expectation of your vision for your photos.

Please note that private locations may require reservations, a fee, and be subject to photography regulations. Public locations often require a permit, and are subject to scheduling around events. Tresspassing isn’t cool, so wherever we go, we want to be sure we are welcome and following all rules and guidelines.

Still undecided? Take a peek at my gallery of locations. GALLERY OF LOCATIONS No matter where we go, the focus will be on you and that’s what makes your images perfectly unique.

A full session more than you need this Fall? Consider a 15 minute digital mini session. You can check out those details HERE.

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