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I love surprises, though I’m probably not the best with secrets.  I mean, if you ask me to promise never to ever tell, of course I will take it to the grave, but if it is one of those funny things that you’d rather not have people know I will probably tell my besties and then swear THEM to secrecy.  It’s a fault, I’m sure!!!  So when Gladys and Josh let me in on their BIG secret so that we could create a unique and awesome announcement to share their news with friends and family, I was happy to be sworn to secrecy for a few weeks.  And now that everyone knows, and it isn’t a secret anymore, I’m excited that I get to share it with you!!

Rhiner is their first baby.  And we had to find a fun way to include him in the announcement since, after all, he will be the big brother!  Hee hee.  We put our creative heads together, with a little help from Pinterest, and came up with this…possibly my favorite pregnancy announcement ever.

Congratulations, Gladys & Josh!!  I can’t wait to meet your little bundle this fall.

If you have a creative, outside of the box idea for something you’d like to do involving portraits, I’d love to hear about it.  It might just be the start of something big!

parting shot:

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