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I never get tired of spending a few quiet, delicate hours with God’s most amazing miracles.  I am in awe every time I hold these itty bitty people that they arrive (most of the time) at their appropriate time completely prepared to hang with the big people.  Breathing, looking around, eating, and sucking in everyone around them into the vortex of love and adoration that comes with each new being.  I love watching the smitten parents, so cautious and gentle and bursting with pride.  I love the doting ways of big sisters and brothers, running around crazy in the house one minute and then, ever so sweetly, stopping, approaching their baby with care, kissing and touching their feet, and then running off with abandon again.  How I get to settle in and be a part of it all for a few hours in the first few days is still beyond me.  But I love it and am so thankful for it!

Christian is no exception to the rule.  Smitten parents and grandparents, adoring siblings, and oozing with cuddly-ness.  He’s perfect in every way.  I’m so happy to share his introduction into the world with you.

The custom announcement that they chose is gorgeous and shows off some of their favorite images.  I’ll post it after the announcements go out, as not to spoil the excitement for their friends!

Newborn sweetness, right?  Big sigh.  I’ve got a great job!  And I think you might be getting to see baby Christian a bit more this year here on the khp blog, so stay tuned!  Thanks T & B, for choosing me to capture baby Christian’s first days.

parting shot:

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