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Last week I headed out with my mentor and friend, Heather of Frogs and Faeries Photography of Murfreesboro, to find some new locations and to do a swap session on our 2 year olds.  We love hanging out and thought it might be easier to capture some awesome images of each other’s children because we know our kids are sick of us asking them to smile!  (just ask them!)  Heather is my mentor and is the person who inspired me to pick up my camera and look through the lens with a vision…and what a ride it has been over the last 2.5 years since we met!

I’ve admired her work for years, and even had a few amazing sessions with her when Tyler was a baby.  So I was, quite frankly, honored that she considers my work good enough to own with her own children as my subject!  Heather and I headed out with our kids and had a blast.  The kids were kids…and that made it fun and challenging at the same time!  There were spills, tears, giggles and even a bite…though we won’t reveal the name of the biter, to keep his reputation in tact…but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to share chalk with my sister either!

I shared these images with Heather last night and, I must admit, she loved them.  I was so happy that she was happy…she hadn’t had professional images taken of her children by anyone other than herself, EVER!  What an honor.  She ooohed and awwwed just like many of you have.  And I was so pleased that she loved them.

And then an amazing thing happened…she shared the images she had taken of Tyler and me and BOOM!  It hit me, too!  I was so overcome with emotion.  She had captured us, right there and then, with such amazing elegance and beauty.  Time stood still for that moment…and now I have it forever to cherish.  And, in that moment, I was reminded of why I do what I do:  I LOVE that moment.  I want you to have that moment as well!  I want you to say “YES!  That’s US! (or her or him)”  I want you to be moved, just as we were.  And I hope you are.

Thank you, Heather, for the precious gift of my images and for the even greater gift of reinforcing the work I have chosen to pursue.  It is for that moment, and the moments for years to come, as you walk by that image and your heart stirs and swells…that I have chosen to put my passion on paper, to do what I do.  Enjoy your images and let’s do it again some time – real soon!

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and a parting shot:

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