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Sweet Stella is back!  And this time around she brought her sweet big brother and sister.

You can check out a tiny bit of her first session HERE, shot at the studio when she was just 5 months old.  And before that, I had the pleasure of photographing her as a wee one, which I didn’t post about.  Is that possible?  Here’s a little bit of that session now with my apologies to sweet Stella.  I surely would’ve meant to brag about her.  She was a sweet baby for me and her mom did a fantastic job of coordinating hair accessories and blankets!

I first met this family when my oldest and their oldest were in preschool together!  My how the boys have grown up since then.  And sweet big sister went from being a baby herself to the best big sister a baby girl could have!  The kids did a great job coaching their baby sister and sneaking in a few images of their own.

I was grateful to have Stella’s family there to help keep her distracted from practicing her new found skill:  crawling!  She actually started crawling for the first time that very morning, though she was looking like a pro by the time she got to me!

And I was loving the coordinating Matilda Jane outfits!  How fun.  Sure makes me wish I had a girl to dress up!

Thanks, Stella, for bringing your family to see me this time!  I can’t wait to see all the things you’ll be able to do by our next session!  Happy exploring!

parting shot:


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