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Summer ends and we rush back into school.  There are schedules to learn, routines to reestablish, supplies to purchase.  Sports are in full swing in late Summer and early Fall and we feel the busy-ness of the shorter and busier days.  Cooler evenings, fall break planning, the looming holiday bustle is ahead and then, one day, one of your “prompt” friends posts her fall family pictures, already done.  Wow.  You really hadn’t even thought about it…you’d better get on that.  Schedule something between baseball, travel soccer, fall break and the end of the “fall leaves” season.  Sometimes you get to pat yourself on the back for having your session booked and completed by mid October and sometimes it is a scramble for the last warmish day in November.  And then its Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping rush, the end of school and then you blink and it’s March.   Isn’t that how it works for you?  It sure is how it is for me!

Fall is a wonderfully busy season for me, mostly in part due to our gorgeous fall Tennessee outdoor portrait backdrops!  I am booked for the Fall season by early October and don’t come up for air until just before Christmas.  I spend a little time with my family over Christmas break and then I’m planning the next year and shooting in the studio for the first quarter of the next year.  I get caught up on all the dusty ‘to do’ lists (I’m finishing up our playroom redo right now and will share a few images when it is complete!) and am sprucing up the website and marketing pieces in between my new session work and Spring Break plans.

And my poor little blog that was chugging along until mid fall?  It’s been pretty lonely waiting for something new to be shared!  But now I have a little time to breathe, so over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of the beautiful families and images that kept me busy last Fall.  I hope you enjoy the new content!  If you do, leave a comment and let me know which ones are your favorites!

Here are one of my most photographed clients, the Rose family.  If you’ve been a khp fan for a long time, you’ve basically seen their kids grow up at khp!  They have moved away, so we captured their Fall family images while they were driving through town in September.  They are actually due with #4 this week!  So you’ll be seeing them again very soon as they trek to Nashville for their newborn session with little Pierson.

web 090814 Rose Fall 2014-040

web 090814 Rose Fall 2014-166

This next feature is called a lightbox.  I’m not sure if it will be a regular blog component here, but let’s try it out and see if you like it.  Click on the main image and then you can click the “next” tab in the upper Right side to forward through all seven images.

And while they were here, we did a very special mini session for Miss Hadley.  I think it is so important to capture your child around the age of 4 or 5, just as they hit the peak of preschool cuteness and before they loose their big front teeth and don’t look so little anymore.  Here’s a little of what we captured of this sweet dancer in her “sparkly” dress.

web collage dance hadley

Want to know something? The real reason for the mini session was to capture this very specific image for Grammie, who has images of all 4 of her daughters in a similar pose at a similar age, and is now continuing the tradition with all of the grandchildren as well.  Decades of this sweet preschool moment of reverence grace her hallway.  Such a beautiful tradition!

web090914 Rose Hadley Pray-012

Little Pierson’s due date was actually today, so he should be making his grand entrance into this fun family any day.  I can’t wait to meet the newest little Rosebud very soon!

parting shot with Mr. Funnyman himself, the soon-to-be-promoted little big brother:

web090814 Rose Fall 2014-032

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