Birthday Tradition – Nashville Child Birthday Studio Photography

By the 2nd week of April, our children have celebrated their birthdays for the year.  I actually have, too!  So that just leaves Dad’s birthday to celebrate in the Fall.  Do you have any birthday traditions?  Beginning with that first birthday 11 years ago, I have captured each of my boys in a dress shirt that belongs to their Daddy.  And a few weeks ago I grabbed my little one’s 5th version of his “dad shirt” picture in the studio.  It was fun to talk about how little he was when he first wore this shirt and how one day, as hard as it seems to believe, he will probably fit (or mostly fit) into this very shirt!  I’ll admit, my oldest decided when he turned 10 that this was something only little kids should do, so I allowed him to retire his ‘dad shirt’ project, hoping that perhaps he’ll wear it every couple of years from then on.  And perhaps Tyler will feel differently when he is 10.

Either way, he loved it at 5.  Here’s a recap of the first 5 years.  Time sure does fly.

and my baby, now 5 years old.

And just as he is beginning to fill out that shirt, I’m catching glimpses of the kind man that he is becoming.

parting shot (of my oldest in his first year shirt picture – pardon the horrible scan job – this is predigital, people!):

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