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Every photographer has a few ‘core’ clients that were there at the very start, cheering them on, booking sessions again and again.  The McClendon family are one of those families for me.  Perhaps I’ll do a post with some of their images over the years later this week.  The McClendons are quick to brag about their favorite photographer.  Their friends can’t help but know about me!  When the O family recently attended the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce’s Star Gala event, they were excited to see an auction item from khp and bid on the package in hopes that they would get a chance to have me photograph their growing family.  I like to think that a fierce bidding war ensued but, to be honest, I’ve chosen not to ask.  I prefer to dream that the winning bid was somewhere in the thousands of dollars, making me the hero of the gala, etc.  LOL!

I was very excited to hear that the O family had recently added a baby girl to their family.  I do love to work with newborns!  Big Brother is just 17 months old, so we knew we had our work cut out to get an image of the two babies together.  A new family picture was also on the to do list.  I’m very proud to say that, with a little work, the session was a total success!

I am pleased to introduce you to the lovely, dainty, Miss Coe!

my favorite!

Big brother Graham is such a cutie.  You can see how much he loves his baby sister.  He was all about kissing her and cuddling her.  He wasn’t as interested in having his own picture taken but he sure loved seeing himself in my viewfinder!  What a darling little boy.  Mom and Dad are surely blessed with these two babes.

Mom’s heart has just expanded exponentially and now 2 babies have a tight hold on it forever.

And finally, a new family image to capture the growing O family.  Life is sweet with young ones in the house.

Thanks, O family, for a wonderful session.  I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

parting shot:

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