asher {3 months}|Brentwood Baby Plan Photographer

Today marks the start of what I hope to be a beautiful friendship with baby Asher.  Asher is 3 months old and will be visiting me several times over the next year so we can watch him grow.  He’ll definitely be getting bigger but I’m not sure he’ll be able to get any cuter.  Just wait and see this adorable fellow!  His big brother nearly stole the show early in the session as we gathered the family for some new family images outdoors.  Did I mention how much I am LOVING these cooler mornings and evenings?  Fall is on its way!  Ok, so back to Paxon…maybe it is because he’s nearly the same age as my little guy, or perhaps it is his blond hair and sparkly blue eyes, I don’t really know, but he had my heart immediately.  We had lots of fun hanging out with Mom and Dad and his new little brother.

Then it was time for Asher to be front and center.  He performed beautifully, trying out his smile, laugh and serious poses for me.  Maybe he knew I was coming?  Before I knew it, time was up and it was time to say goodbye until next time.  It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of months he’ll be sitting like a champ and starting to pester his big brother!

Paxon was excited to show me his new instrument:  his mom’s guitar from when she was a little girl his age.  How cool is that?  We got a couple images to remember this special time…and if he becomes a recording artist someday you better believe I’m going to pull out these images and say “I knew him when…!”

Thanks G family for a peek into your life and a wonderful visit into your home.  I look forward to doing it all again very soon!  Enjoy your sneak peek…I have lots more to show you!

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