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I love referrals.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it lots more!  When a new client comes to me because you bragged so much that they just couldn’t help but sign up themselves – that just makes me smile from ear to ear!!  Thanks, Grady, and your mom and dad for sending my new friend Beckett my way!!!  A khp credit is coming your way for the trouble!

I can’t wait to show you one of the cutest families EVER.  Meet 8 month old Beckett, star of the show and, of course, his adorable parents.  Mom and Dad wanted some family images with their handsome bundle of cuteness and had recently moved to Nashville from Memphis.  Grady’s dad was kind enough to tell them about an awesome photographer that they know (blush) so we set a date to go out in the December cold with a little one and see what we could get!  It was a beautiful day today and not too cold at all!  Beckett was a super smiley baby (my favorite kind!!) and Mom and Dad were fun and smiley themselves!  That sure makes my job easy.

If you aren’t smiling by the time you get to the end of this post you are either The Grinch, Mr. Scrooge or perhaps you just need glasses or to clean your screen…because these smiles are contagious!!!

Thanks, G family…it was a swell time.  I look forward to doing it again sometime.  First birthdays sure are fun (hint, hint!)

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