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Last week I got to visit one of my very special & favorite little people, Matthew.  Matthew and I have been friends since he was a wee one, and he holds the title of “Best Behaved khp Newborn EVER.”  If you don’t remember his sweet little newborn face, you can see him in his khp debut from his newborn session.  And his 4 month session as well.  Seriously cute!!!!  Now he’s 8 months old and I was so happy to see how big he has grown!  This session is always my very favorite age for baby planners.  To see them sitting but not yet able to crawl away?  That’s the best!  Matthew’s session will be a 2 parter, with the second half of the session to follow this week.  Seems a pesky new tooth had the better of Matthew for part of his session.  Perhaps we’ll have a new tooth to show off for the next half of the session!

It’s a quick peek because it seems I’m getting busy again and I have a fun workshop to prepare for this weekend…Enjoy this cute little fellow and check out my new diaper cover set!  Isn’t that a fantastic hat?  Thanks to my friend Audra and her new etsy shop “A Baby Chic Shop”.  Look her up on etsy or click here to head on over to her new shop!

Parting shot:

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