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In between 2 mini sessions today, errand running and the otherwise hectic pace of a weekday at home with a toddler, we paused, purposefully, just for a moment, to capture life as it is.  In this moment.  We know all too well how quickly the moments pass…too often we are putting away snug clothes and tight shoes, wondering where exactly does the time go!  Proper portraits are wonderful and they capture our children and families at their shiny best.  I love them for what they represent and the tradition they hold.  But even more than that, I LOVE capturing the real every day on film.  In a way that is better than your average point-at-it-and-shoot-it-and-then-leave-it-on-my-computer type of snapshot.  Do you love these types of images? If so, I’d love to discuss a lifestyle session for you and your family.

Tyler loves our dog, Colby.  He’s been obsessed with him since the time he could crawl.  Colby is tolerant of Tyler’s existence (not exactly what a boy would hope for.)  But Tyler is persistent.  He spends a very significant portion of his day concerned with the whereabouts of our dog who, 90% of the time, is following me around.  So today I asked Tyler if I could shoot some images of him on my bed and he agreed, but only if I would allow Colby on the bed as well (against house rules.)   I think this kid is The Great Manipulator!!

And before you know it, in the blink of an eye, I have these dreamy images to keep.  Forever.  You’ll be seeing these hanging BIG on my walls somewhere in the near future.  Of this I’m sure!!!  So, enjoy half of the favorite boys in my life…



goodness he's a cutie!

goodness he's a cutie!

If you follow me on Facebook you might remember these images from February of last year.  The original boy and his dog photos:

blog 051910

the original...

the original...

I think we’ve both grown a lot since then, don’t you think??

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