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imagine a full calendar, great income, time with your family, dream clients filling your calendar, a customer experience people will rave about, less time at the computer, and more!

 wouldn't you love the exact blueprint to get your business to six-figures ANd have
more time with your family?

family photographers:

Sounds amazing, right?

Imagine your business running smoothly, being caught up on editing, marketing that reaches new and current clients,  clients that become friends, you have the revenue you deserve, AND quality time with your family, attending soccer games and school events, working less than 30 hours per week, and having date nights with your spouse? 

edit your sessions in under an hour so you can tuck your kids in and watch netflix with the hubby?

create images your clients want to pay big bucks for?

DELIVER AN AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that will get your clients referring you to everyone they know so your calendar will be booked out months in advance?

create a well oiled automated machine to minimize desk time?

and... finally unchain yourself from the grind of social media marketing?

How would it feel to...

You know you need to charge more, but don't know how to price yourself and  get the dream clients that will happily pay a premium for your work.

You LOVE taking photos and connecting with clients, and being behind the camera is where you shine, but editing, marketing, and email is draining the life out of you. It takes so long and you hate it.

You feel like you are working really hard to turn your love for photography into a profitable business making 6-figures, but it all feels REALLY  hard and you're starting to wonder if you aren't good enough to make it.

You edit at all hours of the night, and tell your kids "just a little longer!"

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

In 2008 I had my 2nd child, and I was obsessed with taking photos of my boys. I had just picked up a DSLR and I was HOOKED!  Soon friends were seeing my photos and asking me to take thier families' photos, too!  Naively, I launched a website and photography business and soaked up everything I could learn online. I made lots of mistakes, but persevered and grew along the way.  It was fun and hard and I was editing late into the night while my kids slept...

Fast forward a decade and I finally found my "work smarter not harder" system. I'm proud to say I've cultivated a six figure photography business since 2019. Along the way I learned what actually works and what doesn't. Now I'm SO passionate about helping photographers JUST LIKE YOU have the fast track to success without taking 10 steps forward and 5 steps back!

I'm familiar with your story because it was my story too!

Karen here!


Have you grabbed freebies, watched countless YouTube videos, watched posing tip videos, gone to styled sessions or mini workshops, and still feel like there is so much more to learn to really be successfull?  Do you worry that maybe you don't have what it takes? 

when you decided to become a photographer, did you realize you'd also be an accountant, photoshop wizard, web designer, marketing guru, sales rep...AND business owner?


Here's what's inside the program:


for family photographers

Fast Foward: a blueprint to six-figure success


a comprehensive blueprint for family photographers to help you hit
six-figures without sacrificing time with your family. 
you CAN have it all!


The faster you upload, edit, and delivery your images to your client, the more time you have AWAY from your desk doing other things you love, too!  You want your business to work for you, not you for your business!  Let's make lots of money and work quickly so you can spend time with your kids, your dog, your hobbies, your aren't JUST your photography business!

precision editing: edit efficiently and cut down on your desk time

The best marketing is when your existing clients return again and again AND shout your name from the rooftops.  When you create a fantastic experience from start to finish, your clients will want to return and they will gladly share their experience with their friends.  You'll be booked out months in advance and have clients that return year after year.

AN Experience your clients will rave about: the best marketing hack


When you take control of your session and produce consistent images at EVERY session, you become more confident in your work and your images sell themselves. You'll have a style that is YOURS and is reflected in your portfolio and makes you a sought after photographer with YOUR signature style. 

IMAGES THAT SELL: craft gorgeous images that clients will pay top dollar for


intentionally created to be easy to understand

5 Jam-Packed Modules


The Well-oiled machine: automating to work smarter not harder

When you automate your client communication and systems, you free up so much time! Your business can work FOR you and you can get back to your family! I save 10 hours a week with my automated work flows and emails and you can, too! There's no need to recreate the wheel for each client while still keeping it personal. No AI bots here!  100% authentically you but faster.

Marketing for a fully booked calendar: Making time for your business and your family

Having multiple, effective marketing strategies ensures you are serving your existing clients while also meeting new clients to keep growing. Are you as sick of constant social media posting and marketing, with limited results? There is a better way, and I'll teach it to you inside this module!  


I'm here to help!!!  The program includes LOTS OF SUPPORT to ensure you ACTUALLY implement the strategies and have plenty of opportunities to get help along the way!!!  We will have a bi-weekly coaching call via zoom. You'll be able to submit your questions and talk directly with ME during our calls.  You'll also have access to the Facebook group dedicated to helping you make the most of this program. Interact with me and other group members for additional support at any time throughout the program and beyond!  I will also personally review your website and portfolio to help you have the strongest brand message for your business!  Your success is my success.  This isn't just a static course that sits in your inbox.  There will be accountability every step of the way!!!


doors open for a 
limited time

automated workflow email templates

Bonus Material


what is included

bi-weekly group coaching calls where you can ask all of your questions, get feedback from me, and be sure you are on track toward your six-figure goal

Personal training videos to walk you through every step of the training process to become
a six-figure photographer in the next year


one time payment

the live coaching program includes:

or 5 monthly payments

a bonus group coaching call on how to price yourself so you are excited to walk out the door for each session and not book 7 sessions per week

access to my facebook community for support through the entire program and beyond

a full deep dive of your portfolio and website by me to make sure it attracts your dream clients nad have you booked out and making six-figures ASAP


fast forward's doors open June 15, 2024. The program starts June 25, 2024.

Registration is limited to 10 participants.


I was nervous about working with Karen because I normally hate speaking on the phone, but Karen made me feel comfortable immediately. She was so kind, and gave me really great advice and encouragement. She spent a lot of time helping me with the things I needed help with the most."

People are talking...


Karen is not only the kindest, sweetest individual you'll ever meet, but she's a 'heck' of a teacher. I will recommend her to anyone who will listen to me talk. She's patient and truly cares that you understand the information she's giving. She is well-organized, and I could keep up. I will definitely consider mentoring with Karen again!"


I met Karen when I was dreaming of becoming a photographer and didn't know where to start. She encouraged me to follow my passion and helped me obtain the tools to launch my business! I now have my own home studio and am so grateful for the foundation she helped me build to become successful!"

fast forward student 2024

Karen's FAST FORWARD course seriously changed my business overnight! She is so sweet and generous and shares all of her secrets to help you turn your family photography business into a well-oiled money making machine! I truly believe anyone can run a successful, profitable business if they implement her strategies!

khp LIghtroom Presets - edit in LR with one click with these easy to install presets to save time

family posing guide - examples of family poses you can use in your sessions


AND these bonuses are included!

automated workflow email templates - emails crafted for you to connect and communicate with your clients easily and save tons of time each week

Canva session guide template - easily customize this guide to send to your clients upon inquiry

bonus pricing coaching call - we will talk pricing in this group call

portfolio/website review - i'll personally
review your website and portfolio and give you feedback to help you attract dream clients

SPECIAL discount for a year of 17hats & FLODESK - the client management and newsletter tools I use to keep my client communication running effortlessly

let this be the year you create the business you've dreamed of...

 fast forward

Don't Wait!

Potentially earning a 6-figure income while doing what you love and spending MORE time with the people you love most.

Learning a streamlined method that will save you hours a week editing.

Growing your business bigger than you dreamed in the next year AND getting more time back with your family.

What you'll miss out on by not joining fast forward...

Here's the bad news:

Utilizing a set of prewritten personalized emails so you don't have to create a new way to say the same thing with every client.

Creating customizable, easy to use marketing templates that help you promote your brand and session options.

Having the blueprint for success right in front of you.  YOU don't have to keep doing this alone!!

I"ve always believed in community over competition.  There is plenty of room in the market for ALL the photographers!  I love teaching and encouraging.  I'm a mom to a special needs kid. I'm patient.  And I didn't go to school for photography. I'm a mom who became a photographer. I'm completely self-taught in photography, but spent years in sales and customer service so I had a bit of a head start in what it takes to run a business.

 And you know what? Being successful isn't just about taking great photos!  There's so much more. I tried lots of strategies in pricing, customer care, editing, and now it feels like it truly is a well-oiled machine! I have clients that come back year after year, and I get new clients each month, too.  What kind of person would I be if I just kept all that info I've learned to myself?  I'm an enneagram 2, and if you know much about enneagram, 2s are helpers. I WANT you to have the same success (or even better) than I have! I'll be cheering you on the entire way. And you'll get lots of opportunity to talk to me, not just learn from a few videos and then figure it out on your own.  We will do it TOGETHER!

This isn't a course that you buy and then never finish. I'll be there the entire way to make sure you implement all the strategies and ideas and move into FALL 2024 ready to THRIVE!

Why learn from me?

FAST FORWARD is a 10 week group coaching program that will give you all the tools in one place to have a SIX-FIGURE family photography business AND give you plenty of time with your family.

It has everything you need to finally have all the education and systems to work smarter, not harder, permission to put your family in your calendar first, AND to ditch imposter syndrome because you ARE good enough to charge what you’re worth..

Even if you hate social media pressure, have imposter syndrome, and wonder if it it takes some special type of person to succeed in photography (spoiler alert: there isn’t a TYPE of person! It’s YOU!) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Google adsense setup

your dream business is just 10 weeks away

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get my proven blueprint and set your dream in motion


KEEP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS over the next few years and try to figure it out yourself

The way I see it, you have two choices:

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